Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm Not (Yet) Afraid to Admit I'm Wrong...

The verdict is in, I massively underestimated the budget for a two-year, large-scale multiuser online game. Oh wait, no, I massively overestimated the budget. The lesson here is that facile, back-of-the-envelope calculations please no one. On the other hand, it generated two kind and considered lengthy responses which will be invaluable in shaping my future posts on production budgets.

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Psychochild said...

Well, you did both. If you want to pay the salaries you mentioned in your previous post, then you underestimated. However, you could make a game even more cheaply. As I said, you could pay lower salaries in exchange for future equity. You could also do more with less. As Matt says, people have done exceptional games with budgets of about $1 million total. But, most of them, including Matt himself, have experience working on previous projects.

Anyway, don't take this as criticism, but rather gentle correction. You can do a game on the cheap, but you can't ignore costs to do so. I hope you get your chance in the future!

Have fun!